We all know the importance that is being attributed lately to YouTube, this social network that surprises us every day more; An amazing fact is that more than one billion “unique users” visit YouTube. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of new channels set in all types of niche, such as funny videos, cooking recipes, health and beauty or video games.

We all ask the question how we can improve or what guidelines we must follow to get subscribers in our channel, but it’s not enough to have two or three videos with numerous reproductions and believe that from that moment the number of subscribers to the channel will increase, Video is interested in its content and liked, the first thing they will do is get into your channel, and that is, the first key and perhaps one of the most important

Your channel must of course be fully updated, i.e with a header and profile photo that attracts the user, you also need to have on your homepage. 

When making your videos, try to encourage participation by telling the audience to leave a comment about what they think of the video, to give it a like if they liked and to subscribe to the channel; May seem silly but it is a good way to get views to your videos and subscribers to your channel, since for example if you leave a comment in your video you know that although the opinion is or not expected, at least that person has bothered to give their opinion and possibly Subscribe to your channel to be more informed about your videos.

When editing your videos, you should have an “intro” that attracts the viewer if you do not have one, you can create it with different programs like cinema4D, camtasia studio or sony vegas.

But how can I get people to know my channel? Many people are wrong by thoroughly promoting their channel through comments to a video of someone with many subscribers, but this does not seem to work effectively because people who comment on the video are often channel followers, they may see Your comment and you may find it interesting and interested in your channel but most of the time users who watch the video on these channels is not fixed in an advertisement, However, if the comment is to contribute ideas or valuation may be that if you set and establish a conversation and all this will be finally taken into account in the form of subscribers or maybe interested in your channel.

My advice to make your videos popular and have enough visualizations is that you have a Twitter or Facebook account or others since you can get followers more easily and that way, by getting followers you can put information with the link of your video.

It would also be a great help to have a “blog” putting entries and reviews of the videos that you uploaded previously on YouTube, in your social networks you can put links to this, so people will be interested more and all this will be a great help for Your YouTube channel. When it comes to growing slowly with many subscribers you must organize your channel, that is, upload your videos at the same time and systematically and regularly do not upload one day and the next week upload another without first informing your followers . You can warn them by Twitter and Facebook by letting them know where you are working and establishing conversations with your followers so that the moment they see the link to your new video do not hesitate to miss it, so sooner or later your subscribers will know what time you usually are Active on your channel.

Finally, through YouTube Analytics, you can see all the statistics of your channel and there you will find the traffic generated by YouTube searches and the videos that give you the best results.