The Nintendo 3DS eShop is Nintendo’s online store geared specifically for Nintendo 3DS users. This article will walk you through each of Nintendo eShop’s most useful features.

Nintendo eShop

At the most basic level, the eShop gives you the several options. The following are what is readily available on your screen once you access the shop, it is advisable to use free nintendo eshop codes.
News – The news section notifies you of any recent changes on the eShop such as a new software available. It can also alert you of certain events like most recently it notified me that I was already part of the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador program.
Recent Arrivals – This section allows you to manually browse through all the recent software and video arrivals. The latest videos allow you to view the most recent video trailers while the new software displays all the latest games and their information.
Charts – Shows you the top 20 downloads on four different categories which are “Recent Releases,” “All Software,” “Recent Ratings” and “All User Ratings.”
Search – Allows you to search with additional search filters. You can search by Platform, by Genre, Publisher, Publisher, and Price.
Wish List – This functions like your favorites browser. When you browse through a game, you can see an “Add To Wishlist” button on top of the lower screen. Every time you click on Add To Wishlist”, that game information gets added to your wish list.
Rate Titles – All the software titles that you played either through a game cartridge or downloaded from eShop gets displayed here. You can influence the demographics when you rate a title such as the gender, age, who the game is best targeted for (for gamers only or everyone), the play style (casual or intense) and of course the number of stars (which is a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest or meaning the you loved the game).
Settings/Other – The settings/other option is divided into several sections. In the history section, you can check for updates for your titles (your downloaded games for now). You can also see your account activity which list all your downloaded software including the receipt. You can check the “Your Downloads” section to browse through all the software that you downloaded but also have the option to “Redownload” at no extra cost, so if you happen to accidentally delete something on your SD Card, then you can always get it back from here.
The “Settings” section allows you to configure how eShop should behave according to your liking. You can set to receive notifications or not, for example, information about your purchase history and wish list, location settings (change address, delete address), your club nintendo account and the option to link it to your eShop,
The “Other” section is composed of things such as “About Nintendo eShop” which tells you a little about the eShop, the option to delete your account and customer support information which lists all the websites, e-mail addresses and phone numbers that you could contact to help you resolve problems or concerns about your 3DS.
Virtual Console – Browse through a collection of classic games from Nintendo ranging from the Game and Watch platform up to the Game Boy (monochrome) and maybe perhaps soon, even up to the NES platform.
Nintendo 3DS Retail Games – Contains a collection of some released and unreleased titles. You can check out the price, view screenshots and game information as well as watch the trailer video of each game. What’s very nice is that the screenshots both contain the top and down images for each screen, giving you a close experience of what the game could be like on your 3DS.

From the 3DS Menu, you can also select other options, some of which function as shortcuts such as going back to the main menu, search, wishlist, rate titles, add funds, Settings/Other.
Perhaps one of the main concerns for the user using the eShop is buying games. You can buy games adding funds to your eShop account which you can do by redeeming a Nintendo 3DS Prepaid Card or by purchasing funds via Credit Card (Mastercard/VISA). Unfortunately, the use of credit card is restricted to which region/country your card is accepted

Nintendo always comes up with the best innovative product for their customers. This year, the company launches the new free shop codes: a brand new portable game console that offers 3D gameplay without the need for glasses and free shop codes. If you haven’t heard much about the new Nintendo 3DS here are some features that you must know:

1. The Nintendo 3DS does not just let you play games, but it also allows you to listen to your favorite music. This handheld game console can play MP3 files as well as the AAC files. The 3DS also comes with a 2GB SD card that allows you to save hundreds of songs.
2. The 3DS enables you to surf the web and access the Nintendo eShop. This is a site where you can download game demos. Based on the demos, you can rate the games and see other people’s reviews.
3. The 3DS comes with a parental lock feature. By entering a PIN code, you can limit game choices. With this feature, you can choose games based on their age-rating. If you are going to share your 3DS with your little brother, then this feature is very useful.
4. Nintendo 3DS offers an interesting feature called Play Coins. You earn Play Coins by taking walks with your game console in your pocket. The more steps you take, the more Play Coins that you earn. The coins that you earn can be used to unlock games which are compatible with the 3DS technology.
5. When fully charged, the battery will last for three and a half hours. If you expect the battery to last longer, then you can reduce the brightness level of the screen.
6. The 3DS also comes with a “friend list” feature. This list shows the people whom you have exchanged friend codes with. When your friends are online, you can see them and use the Wi-Fi messaging feature to send messages to them.
7. The Nintendo 3DS offers you easy access to the internet. You just need to choose the Internet Settings option, enter your Wi-Fi password, and you are connected to the internet.

Where to get eShop Codes

Those are some exciting features that you can get from the free eshop codes, besides a more fantastic gaming experience. You can get MP3 playability, easy online access, parental lock system, and Play Coins features all in one package. Just look on Free eShop Codes, You can find their facebook here. You can get the Nintendo 3DS from various gadget stores, or you can order via online retailers.